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Invisible icon Hide any kind of file in plain sight using the popular steganography encryption method by following a few, easy steps with this application

With all the buzz related to Internet security, individuals are looking for different ways of hiding messages or communicating without being tracked. Safety has always been a great concern and different methods evolved throughout the years, with steganography being a powerful way to encrypt messages into photos, which is also the case with Invisible.

Hide your message in an image

The application takes little of your time to get it deployed on your system, so you better have a few images ready, as well as the message or file you want to hide from others. All elements are pretty simple, with the interface being a little old in terms of visual design. Both counterparts bring up new windows so you don't feel overwhelmed by too many buttons or requirement fields.

Sooner or later you end up looking for an image to hide the message in. You need to make up your mind on a second image as well, to be used as a key to lock and unlock content. Be sure to keep it safe, because it's the only way to trigger the reverse process. The final step is to load the message file, which can be under any format.

Far from being a pro

At the press of a button, the application cleverly encrypts the message file inside the image, so nobody suspects a thing. The retrieval process is similar to the one mentioned above, with the difference being that you need to load the modified image, the key, and finally choosing a destination folder for the message file.

However, it's all easier said than done. Although the application attempts to hide any kind of file inside an image, retrieving it has a high chance of damaging what is actually inside the file, either messing it up or corrupting it entirely. Even plain text files end up with unreadable text, and since they are the basic form of text editing, functionality is heavily affected.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Invisible comes with good intentions, wanting to revive a popular and powerful method of hiding messages in plain sight. However, faulty implementation of features damages content of target files and is probably the reason why this application is discontinued. As such, you're only limited to the trial period, which means you can take your chances with fifty different files.

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Invisible was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir

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