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HiBit Hide Folder icon Conceal folders containing sensitive information on your computer and mask them as system folders that redirect to another location via this tool

More often than not, we are very casual about the data we save on our laptop or computer and would not even consider protecting it, especially in the case of your personal PC. However, this means that we are leaving that data vulnerable and others can access it without our knowledge or consent.

HiBit Hide Folder is a tool designed to help you hide and encrypt the private information stored on your computer and hence, avoid accidental deletion or unauthorized access.

Allows you to create a fake folder masked as a typical system folder

Following a swift installation, you are prompted to provide a master password along with an alternative one just in case. The program comes with a bulgy interface that can prove a nuisance since you may have to switch to fullscreen in order to see all the functions and options available.

Functionality-wise, the app is not exactly intuitive and hiding a file or folder is done via the context menu. It would have been great is the developer included some tips in this sense when you first open the app.

A noteworthy feature if the Fake Folder, a function that enables you to hide any directory with another system folder form, such as Recycle Bin or My Computer, for instance. Therefore, if someone were to find and open your hidden folder, they are going to be taken to another system place.

Works with all filesystems and can be placed on removable disks

It is worth mentioning that the tool is compatible with FAT32 filesystem as it does not change it in any way and still maintain the hidden status. Nevertheless, according to the developer, it is safe to use the tool on NTFS as well as portable and removable disks, thus making it a good idea to carry sensitive data on a flash stick or perhaps an external drive.

Despite the fact that it looks rugged and the interface could be scalable, so you do not have to switch to full screen whenever adding files and folders, HiBit Hide Folder could be a protection solution worth considering for protecting the data stored on your PC.

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